Tinnitus Treatments – Have You Heard About White Noise Machines?

That ringing or roaring in your ear that you cannot escape is called tinnitus. It occurs in the young as well as old and no one else can hear it. No, you are not losing your mind. This incessant noise can be merely annoying or downright disabling, depending on the severity. It is not a disease, but a symptom of a problem. This symptom is caused by our brains trying to make up a noise they think should exist. One of the treatments that has been effective for many is using white noise machine to treat tinnitus.


The causes are many and can range from a simple build-up of earwax, loud sounds or ear infections to more severe issues. When suffering from this symptom, it is important to be evaluated by a physician. After any physical issues are ruled out, you may find there is no specific cause that you can pinpoint.


If earwax is causing the symptom, it is important to have it treated by a physician. Improper removal of earwax can cause more damage, particularly to the delicate ear drum. The leading cause of it is loud sounds, like industrial machinery or prolonged exposure to loud music. Most people who experience this problem have been found to have hearing loss at the same frequency as the ringing.


The treatments have not been entirely successful, and some patients are driven to drastic measures to get rid of the nagging sound. A surgical method will cure it, but will also make the patient deaf in that ear. Food allergies do not provide a viable cure, either. Removing coffee cured some people, while some people who did not have the symptom gained it when they stopped drinking coffee.


Treating this symptom can be frustrating and challenging, but using white noise machines or CDs to treat this issue has worked for many people to provide relief and does not include the use of drugs or surgery. The treatment is called auditory habituation, tinnitus retraining or other similar descriptive names.


It can be a gradual retraining, but it does work. Living next to a railway track can be very unnerving and distracting at first. After years of living in the same place, however, people learn to ignore the sound of trains passing and do not even notice them any more. The same is done with machines.


In this case, a soundtrack is recorded that encompasses all of the frequencies that are within the auditory spectrum. As it masks the sound in the ear, the brain eventually forgets it and does not pay attention to it. This has provided relief for many.


The process of using white noise machine to treat tinnitus is simple. When it is pronounced, the machine is turned to a level that is just above the ringing sound in the ear. As the user listens, the brain deprograms itself so the sound does not stand out. Eventually, the listener has learned to subconsciously ignore the sound and it is more bearable. View the original article here




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